Alyssa Thompson: Rising Soccer Star and Trailblazer

Alyssa Thompson (Credit: CBS Sports and Getting Images)

From High School Phenomenon to International Competitor, Thompson’s Journey Inspires a New Generation of Athletes

Alyssa Thompson is a forward for Angel City FC and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT). Her professional career began when she made her debut for the USWNT in October 2022. She went on to be the number one overall pick in the 2023 NWSL draft, chosen by Angel City FC. Thompson made history as the youngest player ever drafted into the league and the first to be drafted straight out of high school. However, her soccer journey started at a much younger age.

World Cup Debut and Family Support

During the recent World Cup, fans had the opportunity to learn more about Thompson as she made her debut in this prestigious tournament. Her mother, Karen Thompson, left a heartfelt message expressing her pride and reminiscing about Thompson’s childhood. Karen stated, “as I think about you growing up, I can’t help but smile and remember you and your sister training in the backyard with Daddy.” She went on to highlight Thompson’s character, attributing it to her daughter’s success in reaching her dreams. Thompson’s character has been evident throughout every stage of her soccer career.

Alyssa Thompson and Megan Rapinoe (Credit: Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

Sacrifices and Inspirations

In an interview, Thompson discussed the journey from high school to professional soccer. “It was definitely difficult. It takes a lot of sacrifice, but it was also super exciting a lot of the time. I got to meet a lot of my idols that I have looked up to since I was a kid,” Thompson explained. One of the sports idols she has looked up to is Serena Williams. Hearing Thompson’s story, one can fully grasp what it means to sacrifice. She understands the sacrifices required to excel in her sport, and the ones she has made are uncommon among athletes her age. For instance, she didn’t attend prom or participate in her graduation ceremony because she had a game. This speaks volumes to me. As a former athlete, I understand what it is like to sacrifice and miss out on things because of your sport, but missing prom and graduation is mind-blowing. It takes an athlete with deep passion and a unique perspective to prioritize their sport in such significant ways. Because of this level of commitment, Thompson is where she is today.

The Importance of Soccer and Friendships

Thompson explains that she has gained a lot from soccer, including the many friends she has made through the game. She highlights that being surrounded by like-minded people who share similar goals is a significant benefit. Thompson emphasizes the importance of young girls playing sports, stating in an interview, “it is very important for girls to play sports because we can continue to grow the women’s game and inspire girls to play, keeping our sports alive.”

Future Aspirations and the Paris Olympics

Thompson’s next stop is the Paris Olympics, where she will continue to perform and add new chapters to her inspiring story—a story that motivates and encourages individuals to keep pushing forward. Be on the lookout for number 17 and cheer Thompson on as she represents her country in the 2024 Olympics!

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