Winning Her Way Team

The Winning Her Way Women’s Sports Media Platform is the result of a dynamic team led by CEO Santia Deck, who is dedicated to transforming the way women are portrayed in media.

Site Credit

Webbie Design

Andrea Baker at Webbie Design, we bring our expertise in Website Design, UX/UI Research, and Web Strategy to the forefront of our efforts. Our commitment to creating intuitive and visually engaging platforms ensures that every user experience is seamless and effective. Our proficiency in blending aesthetics with functionality goes beyond mere design; it encompasses the comprehensive development of highly interactive and efficient websites.

Daniel Owodunni : Web Engineer

Daniel is a seasoned web developer whose passion for innovation and creativity shines through in every aspect of our platform. With a commitment to leveraging the latest technologies and pioneering solutions, Daniel plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our platform stands out as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the tech industry.

Winner Oyebanjo

A seasoned Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer, and Graphic Artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a passion for creating captivating user experiences and implementing innovative design concepts, I specialize in frontend development, UI/UX design, growth marketing, and graphic design.

Journalism Team

At Winning Her Way, we are committed to amplifying the voices and stories of women in sports. Our talented team of writers, reporters, and editors are passionate about covering every aspect of women sports. From in-depth coverage, to captivating features, we strive to bring you insightful and engaging content that celebrates the achievements, challenges, and experiences of female athletes across the globe. This is our team:

Renee Sainz: Editor-in-Chief  Renee Sainz Editor in Chief

Christopher Smith: Journalist Journalist Christopher Smith

Leona Thickette: Journalist 

Kim Francis: Journalist Kim Francis

Creative Design Team

Khadijah Dennis:  Video Production Manager

Winner Oyebanjo: Graphic Designer

Marketing Team

Melissa Dhyne: Partnerships

Logistics Team

Janell Dougherty: Data Analyst

Monique P. Dennis: Executive Assistant

Katherine Bernal: Assistant

Sherry Harper: Finance Manager   

Legal Team

Nichelle Lynn Womble, Esq. : Legal and Athlete Relations 

Digital Marketing

Nichelle Lynn Womble, Esq. : Legal and Athlete Relations 

Social Media Team

Lahiri Gillella: Social Media Manager