Chloe Ricketts: A Rising Star in NWSL History

Chloe Ricketts #39 (Credit: Washington Spirit)

In March, the Washington Spirit’s soccer club signed youth soccer standout Chloe Ricketts, a 15-year-old phenom, to a groundbreaking three-year contract. This made her the youngest contracted player in the history of the National Women’s Soccer League.

During high school, Ricketts transitioned from attending in-person classes to online education before she had the opportunity to go pro. Ricketts completes the same schoolwork as other youths while training with the Washington Spirit. She has been maintaining a fantastic grade point average while training for soccer, but she is still in search of an A in algebra, which has been hard for her.

Professional soccer journey

Ricketts’s journey to professional soccer stardom began at a remarkably young age. Her talent was evident from the moment she first kicked a ball. She is blessed with speed, agility, and a great understanding of the game. Ricketts quickly rose through the ranks of youth soccer.

Her breakthrough moment came when she caught the eyes of the talent scouts from the Washington Spirit during a regional tournament. Impressed by her skills on the field and her maturity beyond her years, the Spirit wasted no time in offering Ricketts a contract. They recognized her potential to become a future star of the sport.

Ricketts’s decision to skip college and go straight to the pros was a difficult one. She often worried if she would get a college scholarship for soccer. Also, if any injuries happen while playing in college could leave the dream of playing professional soccer in the dust. 

Chloe Ricketts #39 (Credit: Matt Keyser)

On and off the field

Despite her age, Ricketts possesses a level of composure and professionalism. Off the field she maintains a rigorous training regimen, dedicating countless hours to honing her craft and improving her game. On the field, she shows confidence and poise, displaying a natural instinct for the game, which sets her apart. Thus, the decision to take the opportunity and go pro was made.

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