Howard Community College Introduces Girls’ Flag Football as a Varsity Sport

3 girls in football jerseys for Howard Community College and their new flag football team 3 girls in football jerseys for Howard Community College and their new flag football team
Girls from the flag football team (Credit: Howard Community College)

Howard Community College: A New Era

Howard Community College (HCC) has pioneered collegiate athletics by introducing girls’ flag football as a varsity sport. This progressive move aims to provide increased athletic opportunities for female students, promote gender equality in sports, and support the growth and popularity of flag football among women.

Beginning in the fall semester, girls’ flag football will join the roster of varsity sports at HCC. The decision comes after a concerted effort by the college’s administration, athletic department, and student body to expand the range of sports offerings and encourage more female participation in athletics.

Promoting Inclusivity and Empowerment

In expressing her enthusiasm for the new program, HCC President Dr. Kate Hetherington said. “We’re thrilled to offer girls flag football as a varsity sport at Howard Community College. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for all students. It provides a fantastic opportunity for young women to develop their athletic skills, build teamwork and engage in healthy competition.”

Growing Popularity of Flag Football

Flag football has been gaining traction nationwide as an accessible and exciting sport for both men and women. The introduction of girls’ flag football at HCC reflects this growing trend and recognizes the increasing interest and participation among young women. The sport’s non-contact nature makes it a safer alternative to traditional tackle football while offering the excitement and strategic depth that players and fans love.

Community Support and Engagement

The introduction of girls’ flag football has garnered significant support from the HCC community and local organizations. The Howard County Department of Parks and Recreation shared several local high schools have expressed their excitement about collaborating with HCC to promote the sport and develop a pipeline of talented athletes.

Howard Community College : Looking Ahead

As HCC prepares for the inaugural season of girls’ flag football, the college is optimistic about the program’s future. The addition of this sport not only enhances the college’s athletic offerings, but also underscores HCC’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and student success.

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