The Frustration of Finding Women’s Sports Jerseys

Ali Kriegers Frustration of Finding Women's Sports Merchandise Ali Kriegers Frustration of Finding Women's Sports Merchandise
Ali Krieger (Credit: AP News)

Ali Krieger’s Search for Sue Bird’s Jersey

Ali Krieger, a two-time World Cup champion, often faced the frustration of not being able to find jerseys of her favorite athletes, whether for her U.S. national team or NWSL club.

The Economic Impact of Limited Merchandise

The availability of women’s sports merchandise is not just a minor inconvenience for fans; it reflects larger economic disparities that hinder the growth of women’s sports.

Insights from a New Study on Women’s Sports Merchandise

A recent study reveals significant consumer demand for women’s sports merchandise, highlighting missed economic opportunities of billions of dollars annually.

Key Findings from the Study

– High Demand, Limited Supply: 60% of women’s sports fans have been unable to purchase desired merchandise due to insufficient inventory.

– Potential for Growth: 79% of fans expressed willingness to buy more women’s sports merchandise if it were more readily available.

– Disparity in Product Availability: There are significantly fewer merchandise options available for women’s sports than men, with particular shortages in items like hats.

These insights underscore the potential for substantial economic growth and broader fan engagement through improved availability of women’s sports merchandise.

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