Triumph Amidst Adversity: Christen Press’ Journey Back to the Pitch

Christen Press: (Credit:

Christen Press Exemplifies Resilience, Dedication, and the Athlete’s Unwavering Spirit

The road to recovery after sustaining an injury can be tough for an athlete. It involves numerous physical therapy sessions, rehabilitation, and efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the desire to return to the field and the countdown to that moment are what helps the athlete get through this challenging period. Christen Press finally reached that moment this past Tuesday.

Christen Press and Others Celebrate Her Return

Press trained with Angel City FC for the first time in two years after recovering from a severe ACL injury sustained during a 2022 match. In an Instagram video addressed to her fans, she expressed gratitude, saying, “thank you for celebrating this milestone with me and for being there throughout the 730 days of this healing journey.” Her passion for the game is palpable, particularly in her acknowledgment of the lengthy recovery period. It underscores the importance of allowing oneself adequate time to heal properly. As an athlete, prioritizing recovery benefits not only oneself but also one’s teammates and the sport as a whole.

Christen Press warming up in soccer uniform, image shows she is dribbling the soccer ball with her feet
Christen Press (Credit: Forbes)

Press’ Journey Through Injury

The injury was incredibly challenging for Press, who underwent four surgeries, with the fourth coinciding unfortunately with the 2023 World Cup. Throughout this time, she maintained optimism that she would return, despite missing crucial matches. However, alongside optimism, there is also room for grief—a delicate balance that every athlete must learn to navigate.

Press shared in a recent interview, “some of the hardest days of my week are game days when I watch my team play, and there’s a lot of nuance to that. I do feel part of the team. I’m very loyal and dedicated to my teammates and to the club, but it’s actually really hard and painful to watch.” 

Head Coach Becki Tweed of Angel City FC emphasized in an interview, “getting her back in with the team is really important. Mentally, for the team, for her, for everybody. Obviously physically too. She is checking boxes and moving along.” Despite missing significant time, Press’ absence was deeply felt, and her return is eagerly anticipated. She appears to have returned stronger than ever, drawing from profound personal growth during her recovery. Reflecting on this journey, Press shared, “you discover who you truly are, what matters most to you.”

Press’ resilience continues to inspire, both on and off the field. Her dedication to returning to peak performance while prioritizing her recovery sets a profound example for female athletes navigating similar challenges. Her journey underscores the significance of resilience and perseverance in overcoming adversity.

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